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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Below I have listed price ranges and some things to think about when planning and ordering your wedding cake. When you are ready to order please contact me at our Boone location by phone or email. I am only able to take 1-2 wedding orders each weekend, so I do recommend contacting me 6-9 months before your wedding to reserve your date. For date availability please scroll to the bottom of this page. For design ideas and inspiration please check out my Instagram page or my Pinterest page! I look forward to meeting you and helping you plan the “sweetest” part of your wedding day!

Courtney Van Hemert - Van Lengen
Boone Dutch Oven Bakery - Wedding Cake Designer

INSTAGRAM: @vanhemerts_dutchovenbakery

Cake Samples & Consultation
If you are interested in ordering a cupcake sampler ($5.00-10.00+), you can call to place your order and pick up at your own convenience from either our Boone or Ames location and bring it home to test our cake and filling flavors. Then we are able to easily coordinate the rest of your order through calls and emails. If you wish to meet in person, I am at the Boone store Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm. If there is a day within those times that work well for you to schedule a consultation, I’d love to meet with you.

Wedding Cake Sizes & Prices *The prices below may not reflect future orders, with the cost of ingredients and supplies rising frequently, we have the right to raise prices from what is listed.
The prices of our wedding cakes depend entirely on how intricate the design is and the time required to decorate the cake. The price ranges listed below will give you a good idea of what each size may be priced at, but keep in mind there may be added costs for extra design. I will decorate your wedding cake onto a silver, gold or white board.
6” single-tier   8-12 servings $20.00-35.00+
8” single-tier   16-25 servings $30.00-45.00+
4” – 6” two-tier   12-15 servings $75.00+
6” – 8” two-tier   25-35 servings $145.00+
8” – 10” two-tier   40-60 servings $240.00+
6” – 10” two-tier   36-53 servings $198.00+
4” 6” 8” three-tier   32-45 servings $168.00+
6” 8” 10” three-tier   52-78 servings $290.00+
*adding a filling is an extra cost

Wedding Sheet Cakes
The sheet cakes will be marked 2”x3”. I no longer offer larger than 1/2 sheet cakes for weddings as it's hard for venues to find refrigeration space for the large cake boxes and it makes transportation to the venue tricky. You can order as many sheet cakes as you need.
1/4 sheet cake   16 servings   $25.00   Filling +$9.00
1/3 sheet cake   20 servings   $33.00   Filling +$15.00
1/2 sheet cake   32 servings   $45.00   Filling +$18.00

Cake Flavors: White – Chocolate – Marble – Red Velvet

Frosting Flavors: Buttercream – Chocolate – Cream Cheese*

Filling Flavors*: Champagne – Lemon Chiffon – Raspberry – Strawberry – Mocha -- Strawberry Champagne -- Raspberry Champagne

Cupcakes: $1.75+ each
Filled Cupcakes: $2.25+ each
For most weddings we decorate each cupcake with a white rosette and clear sparkles. If you have something else in mind the price may vary. If you would like us to bake the cupcakes into a colored liner you would need to purchase those and bring them into us at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. If you are using cupcake “wraps” please keep those, the cupcakes can be placed into the wrap after taken out of the packaging.

Pick-up / Delivery
My availability for delivery is limited. We deliver within the Boone and Ames area. The delivery fee varies depending on location and what you have ordered. If you are ordering a small cutting cake, these can easily be transported on your own! You can arrange for someone to pick up your order the day of your wedding or even the day before if that is more convenient for you.

Regardless of when your cake is picked up or delivered, refrigeration is required. Please check with your event venue and wedding planner to see if refrigeration space is available for you. 3-tier cakes do require my delivery.

Things to plan for when transporting your cake
– Make sure the car that is picking up your order is clean and that there is a level space cleared away for the cakes to set. Please do not send a car that is already full of decorations for your wedding
– Do not put the cakes on the seat of the car as they are not level and can very possibly fall off of the seat during a hard brake.
– I do not recommend someone holding the cakes in their lap.
– Make sure you have refrigeration available immediately when you get to your destination if you are not serving the cake right away. (The cakes can set out for 1-3 hours, I suggest setting the wedding cake out once guests start arriving at your reception venue. Sheet cakes are easiest to cut when they are chilled.)
– If you have refrigeration space available you could even pick up your cakes the day before. – Some venues do not allow you to use their refrigeration space, so please double check with your planner. Also, some venues don’t have their refrigerator chilled unless it needs to be used, so check that it is turned on the correct setting in advance.

Donuts & Pastries
Donut prices may vary as well depending on how you’d like them decorated.
Full Sized Pastries: $1.89 each
Half Sized Pastries: $.99 each
Glazed Donuts: $1.20 each
Custom frosted donuts start at $1.70 each - $2.00 each
Rolls: $1.70 each

Floral Arrangements on your cake
If you are working with a florist and would like fresh flowers arranged on your cake, you can arrange that with your florist. Give them a picture of what you have in mind and they will provide the flowers and possibly place them on the cake for you as well. If I am delivering the cake I can arrange fresh floral on site, I do need to know this ahead of time and I do charge $10-25+ extra. If you would like to use fake silk flowers, you can bring those in to me at least 2 weeks prior and I can arrange them when I decorate your cake.

Reservation & Payment Information
To officially reserve the date for your wedding cake I ask for a $75.00 deposit, which will be taken off of your balance due. Any final changes to your order and the final payment needs to be made 2 weeks prior to your wedding date or before. Your deposit can be refunded if you cancel your order no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date. You can make your payments with cash, check or a credit card. However, our credit card processing company automatically charges 4% for card transactions.

Make sure your cake servers have…
Knives to cut and serve the cake
Plastic Gloves
Paper towels – things can get messy!
Servings plates, forks, and napkins
(I do not provide these items.)

Many couples choose to save the top tier of their cake to enjoy on their first anniversary. I recommend placing the cake into the freezer uncovered and letting it freeze for 4-6 hours first. Then once it’s frozen you can wrap it in saran wrap and then place it into a Tupperware container ….OR you can order a small fresh anniversary cake from us for as little as $12.00-20.00+.

For the following dates in 2024... (see below)
I am already booked for the following weekends, which means I likely cannot deliver that day or take any more tiered cakes. However, please do still inquire as I may be able to still do a small, simple cutting cake along with sheet cakes/cupcakes. This is very easy to pick up and transport on your own.

   - April 20 -
unable to deliver this weekend
   - April 26, 27 -
Fully Booked! Can not take any more wedding orders.
   - May 4, 11, 18, 25 - I am not taking any tiered cakes and I am unable to deliver these weekends
   - July 6, 13, 20, 27
   - Aug 30, 31
   - September 14
   - October 11/12 -
fully booked for wedding orders.
   - Nov 29, 30

To view more photos:
Instagram: @iowacakes.bycourtney